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Cushman & Wakefield Lunch and Learn with Crepes Galore

1871 Hosts Beyond the Stock Market with RCM Alternatives

1871 Welcomes Cyber Security Entrepreneur Teams from Israel

New INC. Blog Post by 1871 CEO Howard Tullman

READ IT ALL HERE: http://www.inc.com/howard-tullman/5-takeaways-from-the-global-entrepreneurship-summit.html

READ IT ALL HERE: http://www.inc.com/howard-tullman/5-takeaways-from-the-global-entrepreneurship-summit.html

Is The Gray Flannel Guy Finally Fading?

Is The Gray Flannel Guy Finally Fading?

At 1871 we talk a great deal about breaking down boundaries and coloring outside the lines; taking the often bumpy and uncertain roads less traveled; and about the need from time to time for entrepreneurs and others to act first and then, if necessary, to ask for forgiveness instead of waiting for permission and letting important opportunities to make a statement or help bring about critical changes pass them by. Rest assured, this isn’t going to be another rant about Uber or Airbnb.

There isn’t a single rule book for these kinds of real time judgment calls and – as often as not – there isn’t a way to check with others (apart from the teammates at your side) even if you were so inclined. In the field and on the front line, you don’t always get a second chance to make a first impression. You’ve got to go with your gut and with what feels right in the moment and, from a management standpoint, you just have to hope that your people make the right decisions most of the time. It’s especially exciting when your team hits it totally out of the park.

Apart from a lot of talk, we try every day to actually model the kinds of behaviors we expect of our member companies and we also try to put our words into action by participating in community activities like the recent Serve-A-Thon day of service which was held with Chicago Cares. These are important practical and meaningful commitments which we much prefer to editorials, speeches or posturing polemics from our politicians. We just need to get going and do the things that can make an actual difference.

For Chicago Cares, we had a great team of our folks spend the day at the Earle Stem Academy and – as with all giving back – it’s never exactly clear who gets the most out of the process – the donors or the donees, but for our team, it was a great learning experience as well as a lot of fun.

In these kinds of programs, the size of the gesture doesn’t really matter as much as the commitment of the time and the attitude of the participants. Sincerity means everything.  Even the seemingly modest gestures like some fresh paint on a school’s walls can say a lot to our teachers and to the kids who need to know that we care about them and about cleaning up and improving the places where they spend a significant part of their lives.  And it’s abundantly clear that actions like these will always trump even well-intentioned advice – especially the words of wisdom from the sages sitting comfortably on the sidelines. If you want to make a difference, you just have to get out there and do it – not talk about it.

It’s even more exciting when the circumstances conspire to deliver a double bottom line. We’ve been talking about “unconscious bias” a bunch at 1871 and it’s sometimes hard for people to get a concrete handle in their own day-to-day lives on what that idea actually means. It’s a little too tempting to lump this in with the rest of the lectures on political correctness which we hear all too often from the folks who are going to fix our futures for us. So when the world unwittingly (or unconsciously) gives you a lemon, it’s a great chance to make something much more of it.   

When our team arrived, they were given a stencil as a guide to paint on the staircase wall. I’ve pasted it below. Lots of gray guys. Not exactly STEM-ish or STE(Art)M-ish.


And certainly not the story that any self-respecting team of creatives from 1871 would be interested in telling.

So they hunkered down and got right to work because at 1871 work is what we are all about.


And when the dust settled, the picture was MUCH different and a LOT brighter. And something we can all be proud of.


Thanks to the whole team for making it happen and for helping to make a real difference.




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Few are as responsible for today’s Chicago tech office real estate landscape as Dan Lyne, SVP with CBRE’s Global Tech & Media team and one of our featured panelists at Bisnow’s 6th Annual State of Office event, 7am June 21, at 222 South Riverside. Dan’s guidance was felt throughout Chicago’s tech scene long before he entered commercial real estate.
Before joining CBRE, Dan Lyne was director of technology and development at World Business Chicago.
Before Dan joined CBRE in 2013, he spent over a decade at World Business Chicago as the director of technology and development. While championing notable relocation projects such as BoeingMiller-Coors and NAVTEQ, Dan focused most of his efforts on what it takes to build a world-class urban tech environment, rolling his sleeves up to assist lesser known companies (at the time) like BraintreeOrbitzThreadless and GrubHub.
Dan was also part of the original team that created 1871 (pictured below), the now-140k SF tech incubator at the Merchandise Mart that helped establish the Mart as the epicenter of Chicago’s tech scene. And as co-founder and former executive director of ChicagoNEXT, Dan worked with local industry leaders to bring visibility across Chicago’s growing mobilecleantech and bioscience communities.
Inside 1871, Chicago's tech incubator located at Merchandise Mart
Dan’s tenure at WBC prepared him well for the transition to real estate. He helped CEOs through bureaucratic red tape and dealing with construction issues like transportation challenges and talent shortages, which he continues to do at CBRE. But Dan's job doesn’t end once he secures office space for a firm. He’s always searching for ways to build bridges between startups and more traditional businesses; he believes each has something to teach the other and usually only positive things can result. Playing a small role as that connective layer between groups adds value that can never be realized on a lease agreement, he tells us.
Dan says one tried-and-true practice carried over to his real estate career: the importance of personal relationships and connecting others. Dan says we simply can’t overestimate the value that can be created by using our own networks for the betterment of others.
A look inside Cards Against Humanity's Elston Street offices, Chicago.
Dan says time, talent and culture are major driving forces behind today’s office leasing market. Just a few of the ways companies can touch that employee reflex are through wellness and fitness programscollaborative environments, soulful design and art in the workplace.
Dan finds the employers that best attract and retain talent are authentic in their goals. Even with the advances in technology, the foundation for an employer/employee relationship is the same. Companies want hard workers; employees want recognition for their work. So employers are getting smarter about workplace efficiencies. But Dan also believes the market may have swung too far left on open workplace environments and density algorithms. There’s a reality returning to the market on what the most productive workplaces look like. Dan says companies can design a workspace, but they can’t manufacture soul. Talent is bred by a nurturing culture and if it isn’t set early, it will be adversely reflected down the line.
As for the next big tech office markets in town, Dan is high on Goose Islandand the Clybourn/Elston industrial corridor, in large part because they are right in the middle of the neighborhoods where young workers already live. Dan sees a resurgence of office opportunities and sophisticated developments in these submarkets. One example: CBRE client Cards Against Humanity. Dan and his partners, Kyle Kamin and Jarrett Annenberg, worked with CAH founder Max Temkin on the company’s space at Elston and Cortland, where CAH is now attracting some of the most creative minds in the industry, by invitation.
To learn more, please attend Bisnow's 6th Annual State of Office event, 7am June 21, at 222 South RiversideRegister here.

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