Inside the Studio of Renee McGinnis

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Photo by Tom Van Eynde

The phrase “The Girls” might evoke instances of female bonding — going out to dinner, a night at the clubs — but Renee McGinnis‘s vision eschews the expected. Her “girls” are sunken ocean liners referred to by a female pronoun. A descendent of yacht builders, the painter renders these enormous vessels with the sensitivity of portraiture. No longer do the ships appear industrial and unfeeling: Instead, McGinness’s dramatic lighting and carefully-painted baroque flourishes give her subjects life and personality without anthropomorphizing them. The artist has an exhibition of the aforementioned title coming up at Packer Schopf Gallery in Chicago on November 1. She sent us some photos that offer a glimpse into her Chicago studio as she adds the finishing touches to her paintings, adorning her fallen muses with Swarovski crystals and gold leaf.

Renee McGinnis in her studio, photo by Tone Stockenstrom Photography

Underpainting before the gold leafing

Progress shot of the MS Black Dahlia, photo by Tom Van Eynde

Detail of the completed MS Black Dahlia

Photo by Tom Van Eynde