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Three sources improvements

Three sources improvements

Tulamyana Howard. Snamadhanya technology companies in the United States, "the CEO of Chicago-1871era. He also jitutithribhi (G2T3V) a member of the organization's management. He has written several articles on tips for young udyektadera. The current article has been written by Howard tulamyanera Maruf Islam .

Entrepreneurs who are completely new, yet to start a business that would work for them, I think these three suggestions. I certainly do not claim that it will be useful. Kachiudina cokajiyana of a man named Dennis came to me. He was going to start a new business. Politely asked me, 'How can we improve the business, you can give a little advice? " I gave him three recommended.

The first advice:

First, find a business that can earn from the business viable. I think, I ayai income; What is sustainable returns again! Who is your new business will provide you the money if you learn how to do business in the first place, but neither do? So the investor to find out. And I wonder if the investor does not own you. You have to find out what products you want to trade down.Suppose you want to prepare pet dog food. But you do not have any pets kukurai. If you do not have that. Adyapanta will know that you want to enter the business. Then stand with your business plan. Then remove the annual plan. Katatuka want to earn the first year, the second year of the plan and how much you want to earn. I sit down to plan how they want to earn a certain amount. This could be the key to your business strategy. If you plan to bind the table to see the face of the income. In the name of sustainable income and earnings. One can say that sustainable profit.
Tulamyana Howard.
Tulamyana Howard.

Second tip:

Do not invest additional capital.The small capital investment. Set small goals and meet the goals of the new goals. Thus, little by little, to go ahead to the success of the business. And remember one thing, communication is the main condition of success in business.Make direct contact with the customer as well as the consumer.Communication is now much easier. Now almost everyone has social media accounts. To maintain contact with them through these.The phone and email contact with them.

Third suggestion:

My last advice, in your leadership and values ​​to build. It's a nifty as a shepherd is to be a modern investor. How to take the horse race dabariye want to know the technique. If you want to progress in the increasingly fast and then you will have to change in the leadership of the phases. If you go to the monotonous routine of your employees, they will be difficult to recover from. As you pass in front of the staff to be present. This needs new leadership to achieve quality. You know, this extensive study, kharabakhabara and different walks of life with the people around you must resist. Insidious need to look at their lifestyle.Constantly changing the name of the new leadership. This can be achieved by multiplying.
Howard published articles based on Inc. tulamyanera.

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