Friday, December 18, 2015

New Alyssa Monks Catalog - IndieGoGo campaign

Alyssa Monks

Catalog of Paintings

For ten years I've been studying flesh through water and translating it into paint. These paintings are personal, honest, and each one holds a specific moment of my life.
I've designed a hard-cover, 112-page catalog of selected paintings from my Oil & Water series. I'm publishing it myself, so although the project is laid out, edited, and printer ready, it will only be published if I have enough orders in the next 36 DAYS. So order your advanced copy soon at 10% off the retail price, shipping included.

If you'd like to contribute more, you can receive perks such as Giclee Prints and small paintings, as well! With your help, the book will be yours by spring of 2016. I hope I can share it with you!

To all those who have contributed to the success of my work over the years and allowed me to have this privilege to paint, I thank you and appreciate it so much. You are so much a part of the work in small and big ways.


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My best and Happy Holidays! May you be happy and healthy in the New Year!

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