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Merchandise Mart-based healthcare technology incubator MATTER announced this week that it has added 20 new members to its community.
MATTER now has 115 member companies utilizing the organization's space and resources. The organization launched in February and set out to be the 1871 for healthcare startups. MATTER has now more than doubled its number of companies since it launched, connecting entrepreneurs, scientists, physicians, investors in the HealthTech space.
Here is a snapshot of the 20 new members:
American BioOptics is developing a method for colon cancer screening via a minimally invasive test performed during a patient's annual physical exam. With early detection of colon cancer precursors, the company wants to make care more efficient, cheaper, and save lives by preventing colon cancer.
CareCentra is a healthcare analytics and behavior design company that’s wants to change health behaviors in patients, employees, and health care professionals. The company’s core technology platform, coordinated multi-modal engagement and outreach tools, and online and mobile solutions, offer a range of capabilities that support clients’ health activation management goals to create immersive wellness experiences that ensure a healthier, engaged, and activated population.
Consilink provides technology-enabled solutions to improve population health across the continuum of care. The company’s platform combines analytics, online tools, and provider support to enable care coordination among disparate providers.
CureSearch for Children's Cancer's mission is to end children's cancer by driving targeted and innovative research with measurable results in an accelerated timeframe. The organization is addressing the largest challenges currently facing the field, to ensure the best research turns into cures uniquely developed for children.
EP Solutions has developed and is bringing to market a novel ablation technology that will revolutionize the treatment of atrial fibrillation, a common irregular heart rhythm with serious complications.
ExplORrer Surgical has created ExplORer, a surgical workflow management app, to help operating room (OR) teams coordinate their tasks and tools during a surgical procedure. With ExplORer, surgeons, nurses, and anesthesiologists - the core members of an OR team - are able to follow the steps of the case as it progresses in real-time, while being informed of the correct tools, equipment, and tasks needed for each of those steps.
Helix Analytix is a cloud based software-as-a-solution (SaaS) that enables advanced, machine learning-based, downstream analysis of public and private genomic data sets through interactive visualizations to aid biomarker discovery and patient stratification in the quest for personalized medicine.
KloudScript provides a turnkey specialty pharmacy solution to independent community pharmacies enabling essential interactions between pharmacies, patients, prescribers, payors, and pharmaceutical manufacturers. KloudScript’s performance network of pharmacies offer patients an alternative to today’s impersonal, mail-order specialty pharmacy care experience. The company allows patients to receive high-touch specialty care from someone they know and trust: their local pharmacist.
Luto are experts in producing clear communications through good information design. The company writes and designs great digital and print communications and then tests them with real people to make sure the information meets their needs. Solutions include package inserts, instructions for use, risk evaluation and mitigation strategies communications, clinical trials information, educational and marketing materials, websites, apps, and videos. The company also specializes in providing full human factors usability and readability testing services throughout the US and Europe to support regulatory submissions.
Markit Medical makes healthcare shopping easy for patients. The company allows referring doctors to show their patients in-network specialist options complete with out-of-pocket price estimates, quality data, and an easy scheduling process – all before the patient leaves the office.
NowPow is a knowledge utility company that powers up underserved communities by providing people the vital information they need to stay well and live long. Integrating with all major EHR systems, the company produces customized community resource e-prescriptions that extend, complement and complete care plans given to the patient by providers. The personalized e-prescriptions are generated by applying a rigorous matching methodology to NowPow's extensive inventory of community services and an individual’s personal health and social conditions.
Objective Arts’ healthcare analytics platform provides the backbone of a payor or provider's shift to a pay-for-performance environment. The company gives organizations the tools to reduce uncertainty and make better decisions throughout a network, thus maximizing the ability to compete or manage in value-based payment models. Most importantly, Objective Arts provides high-speed data tools that minimize the response to both patient and financial risk.
OpenMarkets is a technology company reinventing the healthcare equipment marketplace with an emphasis on data, collaboration, and simplicity. Fueled by 250 provider clients and active supplier partnerships, OpenMarkets is changing what's possible for buyers and sellers.
Redox is the modern API for healthcare. The company allows best-in-class software to easily and securely interoperate with EHRs by connecting to existing health system infrastructure. Software applications connect to Redox once and integrate with any health system they sell to through standardized data models. Founded in 2014 by former Epic engineers, Redox is the leading healthcare integration platform with an ecosystem of over 120 enterprise applications.
Rhythm Therapeutics technology is expected to significantly improve upon the current low success rate of current ablation strategies in treating atrial fibrillation (AF). The company is pursuing a proprietary utilization of gene therapy to target key mechanisms causing AF. This gene therapy will be delivered to the heart via a minimally invasive, IP-protected approach.
simMachines provides auditable machine learning prediction services both on premise and in the cloud. The company’s technology enables users to extract the highest amount of value from their data. simMachines has created a set of techniques that raise the bar in scalability, precision, and ease of use.
StatPayMD makes it easy for medical practices to improve patient payments at the time of service with a consumer focused patient experience. StatPayMD allows medical practices to easily estimate the full “out of pocket cost” for patients and use convenient payment options to collect the balance due before the visit or at the time of service, significantly reducing accounts receivable and bad debt while improving patient experience.
Stella Maris Tens of millions of people worldwide are affected by mitochondrial damage diseases (MDDs) including ME/chronic fatigue syndrome, autism, and Alzheimer's disease. The nutritional needs of these patients are not being met with current treatment. Stella Maris has patent pending GRAS (generally regarded as safe) medical food formulations based on clinical data aimed at managing the nutritional needs of MDD patients.
SymGym is addressing adult obesity with the introduction of SymGym, a revolutionary exercise device and video game controller that provides resistance-based exercise while you play video games.
TAFi liberates massive health data sets, and delivers real-time aggregated information from multiple sources with their UI and UX. Portability, aggregation and leveraging the massive and increasing accumulation of patient information within electronic medical records is the greatest challenge provider organizations face as they shift towards becoming a data-driven operation. TAFi’s platform is able to move and transforms bits to pentabytes of data, and provide an intelligent UI/UX supported on all desktop and mobile platforms leveraging best-in-class technologies. All TAFi solutions are fully source and target agnostic.

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