Chicago incubator and tech hub 1871 is hoping that international tech startups will come to Chicago and expand in the United States thanks to a partnership with Sente Advisory Services.
On Thursday, the two organizations announced the launch of the Sente International Startup Accelerator, a 12-week program that will conclude with foreign startups spending four weeks in Chicago, emerging themselves in the tech scene and meeting potential American business partners. So far 1871 has brought in three groups of Turkish startups through its partnership with Sente Advisory and will host a fourth in August.
“Chicago, with its successful business heritage, its technology ecosystem led by 1871, and its strong talent base, provides the best and friendliest launchpad for international startups that are looking to expand and enter the US market,” Sente Advisory founder Serhat Cicekoglu said in a statement. “The program that we run at 1871 has proven to be an effective bridge between emerging ecosystems with global solutions and the US market.”
The program begins with startups spending six weeks with the Sente team in their home countries developing their project, and two weeks preparing for the transition to Chicago through mentoring and specialized programming. Then the startups head to Chicago for a month where they meet with clients and are taught how to pitch their businesses in the US market.
"We believe Chicago is the premier point of entry to the US market for any international company," 1871 CEO Howard Tullman said in the statement, adding "...1871 is uniquely placed to showcase the abundant resources that allow entrepreneurs from across the globe to come to Chicago and thrive."
1871 has worked to brand itself as stopping place and hub for international technology companies and political leaders. It has hosted foreign dignitaries, and has developed partnerships with co-working spaces in London, Tel Aviv and Mexico City.
Image via 1817