Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tribeca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy CEO Howard A. Tullman Appointed to Illinois Innovation Council

SPRINGFIELD – February 16, 2011.

Governor Pat Quinn announced today during his budget address the creation of the Illinois Innovation Council, which will help ensure the state remains on the cutting-edge in the global economy. The council, which is chaired by Groupon Co-Founder Brad Keywell, is made up of key business executives across a variety of critical sectors, along with science, technology and university leaders.

“By harnessing our resources and coordinating our efforts, by putting scientists and inventors in touch with businesses and investors, and by placing significant private-sector investment behind the best ideas in our state, we will create the jobs of today and tomorrow right here in Illinois,” Governor Quinn said.

The council will promote the role and importance of innovation in economic development and quality of life; convene and partner with academic, business and governments to evaluate and recommend initiatives to improve support for innovation, and align public and private resources. The council will also develop methods to identify, promote and attract innovation-driven enterprises and individuals to Illinois, in order to grow existing industry clusters and contribute to the development of new clusters. It will also develop policies to cultivate and retain entrepreneurs, innovative researchers and other enterprises.

“There is nothing more important for Illinois’ economic future than creating an environment throughout the state that encourages innovation and entrepreneurship on a daily basis. Governor Quinn and I both believe that Illinois has all of the assets and attributes to continue thriving on the world stage, but we must keep pushing the envelope in both the public and private sector to make this a reality,” Keywell said.

The council, which was a recommendation of the Governor’s Economic Recovery Commission, will meet at least four times over the next year, starting in March. The Illinois Science and Technology Coalition, an independent, not-for-profit organization, will also assist the council.

For more information and copies of Governor Quinn’s operating and capital budget proposals for fiscal year 2012, please visit

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