Friday, February 26, 2016

1871 CEO Howard Tullman on Tasty Trade

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This segment is a wide-ranging discussion about current trends in business and society with a focus on recent developments in the the field of technology. You will learn something new. Howard Tullman, the CEO of 1871, the largest tech incubator in the United States, stopped by the studio to talk with Tom and Tony.
The free flowing discussion ranged from the serious to the light hearted, from crowdsourcing to crowds at Blackhawks games. Howard stated his belief that the premise behind Adtech was faulty but Facebook can really help, citing the example of Ticketmaster, as Facebook users can see which concerts their friends are attending and even where they are sitting and this encourages them to buy tickets. Tom shared a personal advertising story of thinkorswim’s trading contest on CNBC which worked out great for CNBC but not so well for thinkorswim.
The metrics collected on players in the NFL via wearables was also discussed. How it would be used for cocktail waitresses and hospital nurses to increase efficiency was elaborated on by Howard.
Watch this segment of “What I’m Thinking” featuring Howard Tullman, Tom Sosnoff and Tony Battista for an interesting an in-depth discussion of technology and cultural trends.

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