The Goose Island Team Holding Up 'Zeros' in Support of Zero Percent.

Though Extra Special Bitter beers tend to carry an abv. of around 4-5%, Goose Island's new ESB will be Zero Percent.
This month, the Chicago-based brewing company has teamed up with Zero Percent, the 1871-based startup that makes it easy for restaurants to donate leftover food.
Via the app, restaurants alert Zero Percent when they have excess food and a company representative immediately picks up the food and delivers it to a partner shelter or charity. Founded in 2013, the startup looks to address the fact that while "1 in 6 Americans have difficulty finding enough to eat," 30-50% of all food produced is discarded annually. Zero Percent strives to drop that number to, yes, zero percent.
In December, the startup started working with the Goose Island Brew Pub and their catering divisions.
Explained Erica Hylton, Asst. General Manager, "While we have very little waste in our restaurant already, there are always times when we overestimate our needs, particularly with events we haven't done before. In the past, we've been donating to organizations separately but it's much easier with Zero Percent to coordinate a single pickup and at our convenience."
To celebrate the partnership, Goose Island will be brewing a special Zero Percent tribute beer, an Extra Special Bitter on nitro.
"We chose an ESB because we wanted to line up a beer that would be a larger batch, allowing us to have it on the menu for longer, while also something that may be a new favorite," said Hylton. "This way, we could perhaps bring it back as the 'Zero Percent' as years go on, allowing us to continue this important conversation. Plus, beers that we put on nitro are always really popular, and this ESB is perfect complement to freezing winter months!"
With a notation on their beer menu, the brewery's staff will also be able to initiate a conversation with their guests regarding Zero Percent's work and the importance of waste reduction.
Goose Island will be kicking off the Zero Percent ESB on Thursday, January 15 at 6pm for the beer premiere and toast.
Summarized Hylton, "We decided to dedicate a beer to Zero Percent in order to highlight our new partnership with them. In 2015, we rest a little easier knowing that any time we have an excess of food, it will go to those who need it most."
(Image via Zero Percent)