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The Artist's Gaze curated by Victoria Selbach

The Artist's Gaze curated by Victoria Selbach
Publication and Gallery Event February 21, 2015

Paintings by Ryan Shultz, Daliah Ammar, Krista Smith, and Susannah Martin
Paintings by Ryan Shultz, Daliah Ammar, Krista Smith, and Susannah Martin

“I guess a collector starts to grow up when he finally learns to appreciate paintings he can't own.”

This has always been one of my favorite statements for a variety of reasons. First, while I have certainly aged over the last 45 years of collecting, I’m not sure that I have really grown up or matured because I still find such total – almost childlike - delight in discovering an exciting new work by an unknown young artist and also in seeing the growth and continued development of the artists I have been privileged to work with over so many years. I still break into a sweat and the feeling is totally visceral when I happen upon a work that just takes my breath away. If losing that kind of connection or passion is a part of growing up, then I’m totally with Peter Pan and I’m never going there. But, at the same time, as I reviewed the list of participating artists in this project, and found myself bemoaning my stupidity in not already owning examples of some of their works – Aleah Chapin and Susannah Martin come especially to mind – I bit my tongue and reminded myself that the most important consideration is not what’s on my walls, but what’s out there for the world to appreciate and enjoy. And that’s a blessing for all of us – collectors – creators – and civilians as well. So I will try to be a good sport and soldier on. The fact that I do have wonderful pieces by so many of the artists in the show – many of whom Didi brought to my attention – is only the smallest solace.

- Howard Tullman December 15, 2014

Seeing Women in the Twenty-first Century 

Hollis Dunlap
Matthew Cherry
Alyssa Monks

Mary Beth McKenzie
Bernardo Torrens
Park Hyun Jin
Stephen Wright

Patrick Earl Hammie
Tim Okamura
Jason Bard Yarmosky
Michelle Doll
Susannah Martin
Daniel Maidman
Stephen Early
Dorielle Caimi
Lauren Levato Coyne
Christian Johnson
Erin Anderson
Aleah Chapin
Mia Bergeron
Maria Kreyn
Jeff Faerber
Krista Louise Smith
Melinda Whitmore
Brian Booth Craig

Reuben Negron
Will Kurtz
Victoria Selbach

Cesar Santos
Daliah Ammar
Ryan Shultz
Nadine Robbins

Alison Lambert
Delita  Martin
Richard Thomas Scott
Wesley Wofford
Cindy Bernhard
Nick Ward
Erica Elan Ciganek
Judith Peck
Jennifer Balkan
Jamie Valero
Mark Horst

Curator: Victoria Selbach
Deadline: November 15, 2014
Publication: February 2015
Accompanying Exhibition: Sirona Fine Art Show
Dates: February 21 to March 22, 2015

Opening Reception: February 21, 2015

Each artist gazes through a complex prism of contemporary thought and imagery. Although we ride one torrent of zeitgeist each view is unique and shaded by thoughts and choices solely our own. What we choose to see and what we lay on canvas tells as much about ourselves as the muse. What does this work capture about the artist we are and the women we choose to see? How will history view the image of women we propel forward? This survey will be assembled from both male and female painters who through their unique gaze capture the complexity of contemporary women in their work. This publication will be accompanied by an exhibition at Sirona Fine Art Gallery.

Sirona Fine Art
Sirona Fine Art is a showcase for the work of artists who skillfully present their ideas and personalities with a masterly hand that fully resonates with the modernist landscape in which their work is viewed. The 6000 sq ft. gallery can accommodate oversized pieces as well as small to medium works so there are no size restrictions on the paintings you may submit. Work sold at Sirona Fine Art will be at a 50/50 gallery/artist split based on your list price. Additional information regarding logistics will be forwarded to those artists with work accepted into the publication. For more information about Sirona Fine Art
visit or sironafineart.

Questions or enquiries regarding show and publication details should go through PoetsArtists. Email didimenendez at
Victoria Selbach, as a painter of women, is fascinated by the minds behind the chosen visual dialogue of her contemporaries. She seeks to satisfy her continuing curiosity through the discovery of new works and perspectives while assembling the pieces for this publication and exhibition. Selbach’s work has shown in museums and collections across the country including the Heckscher Museum of Art, The Butler Institute of American Art and the Tullman Art Collection. Her work is presently available through Sirona Fine Art in Florida and Dacia Gallery in New York City. Victoria Selbach welcomes visits to her studio in New York and presents an archive of her work for review at

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