Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Statement for THE ARTISTS GAZE issue of Poets/Artists

“I guess a collector starts to grow up when he finally learns to appreciate paintings he can't own.”

This has always been one of my favorite statements for a variety of reasons. 

First, while I have certainly aged over the last 45 years of collecting, I’m not sure that I have really grown up or matured because I still find such total – almost childlike - delight in discovering an exciting new work by an unknown young artist and also in seeing the growth and continued development of the artists I have been privileged to work with over so many years. I still break into a sweat and the feeling is totally visceral when I happen upon a work that just takes my breath away. If losing that kind of connection or passion is a part of growing up, then I’m totally with Peter Pan and I’m never going there. 

But, at the same time, as I reviewed the list of participating artists in this project, and found myself bemoaning my stupidity in not already owning examples of some of their works – Aleah Chapin and Susannah Martin come especially to mind – I bit my tongue and reminded myself that the most important consideration is not what’s on my walls, but what’s out there for the world to appreciate and enjoy. And that’s a blessing for all of us – collectors – creators – and civilians as well. 

So I will try to be a good sport and soldier on. The fact that I do have wonderful pieces by so many of the artists in the upcoming issue and the show – many of whom Didi Menendez brought to my attention – is only the smallest solace.

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