Package Zen: This startup wants to make delivery and package management simple. The Package Zen app lets doormen, mailroom delivery staff, or anyone else who receives packages for a building instantly notify a recipient that his or her package has arrived. After taking a photo of the address label--handwritten, printed or barcoded--a notification is submitted to the recipient's iPhone or Android device.
Package Zen is designed to handle all deliveries from FedEx to groceries to flowers, and eliminates the need for paper binders, signature pads, tablets or other hardware. Pricing is as follows: $200/month for shared offices per location, $2/month for apartments or condos per unit, $1/month for corporate offices per employee, and $1/month for student housing per bed. Find them on Twitter @packagezen.

WeDeliver: This startup wants to help local businesses offer same-day delivery to its customers. Co-Founders Jimmy Odom, Daniela Bolzmann and Kirk Lashley, who were all recently nominated for a Built in Chicago Moxie Award for best founders or co-founders, want to give local merchants a chance to compete with Amazon.
WeDeliver currently offers its services in River North, Lincoln Park, Wicker Park, Old Town, West Look, and the Loop. Find them on Twitter @WeDelivr. See a video of founder Daniela Bolzmann below.