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ENTREPRENEURS UNPLUGGED How Do Startups Disrupt Old School Industries?

How Do Startups Disrupt Old School Industries?

September 24, 2013
6pm - 9pm
  • Chopin Theatre
  • 1543 W Division St
  • Chicago, IL 60622

Startups are by nature disruptive, but how do you build a successful company that totally breaks the rules in a given industry? How can you have both exponential growth and keep the same disruptive edge? This Entrepreneurs Unpluggd features 3 founders who are either blazing new trails in rusty industries or who have successfully built a company that caused a paradigm shift.
Howard Tullman - Chairman of Tribec Flashpoint Media Arts Academy, and Managing Partner of G2T3V, LLC
Mark Lawrence - CEO and Co-Founder of SpotHero
Aleksandra Efimova – President, Russian Pointe, Inc.
These three founders will talk about how they dealt with resistance to new ideas from customers, businesses, and investors. As usual at Entrepreneurs Unpluggd, you’ll hear the inside story with candid details about how these founders came up with their ideas, how they built initial products, and how they truly disrupted a market.
6:00 – 6:30
6:30 – 8:00
Speaker presentations
8:00 – 9:00


Howard Tullman

Chairman of Tribec Flashpoint Media Arts Academy, and Managing Partner of G2T3V, LLC
Howard’s entrepreneurial career spans four decades and a broad range of industries. He has started 12 companies, including Tribeca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy, CCC Information Services, Original Research II,, the Rolling Stone Network, Imagination Pilots and Experiencia. In addition, he has been hired to manage and has served as CEO in several large-scale and highly-successful turnarounds including COIN Management Systems (Atlanta), Xceed, Inc. (NYC) and Kendall College in Evanston, Illinois.

Mark Lawerence

CEO and Co-Founder of SpotHero
Mark Lawerence, CEO and Co-Founder of SpotHero was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug early, having started his first business in second grade. Through his career, he quickly realized his passion for innovation, both in technology and in everyday living. This drive ultimately led Mark to the Chicago parking industry, where he found an entire industry ripe for innovation. Prior to his professional experience, Mark graduated with BS in Finance from Bradley University.

Aleksandra Efimova

President, Russian Pointe, Inc.
Aleksandra Efimova is a Russian-American entrepreneur and leader in the arts, business, and Russian-American communities in Chicago. As president of Aleksandra Enterprises, Ms. Efimova is dedicated to spreading access to and enjoyment of the arts, and to forging cross-cultural bridges, particularly in the education, arts, and business sectors.

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