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CEO 1871
12 August, 2015 
What was the magnet that took you to 1871?
Howard Tullman: I came here almost a year and a half ago to have the opportunity to help the city to build more and more companies 
that could provide more jobs for the city’s technology economy and all those companies who are very excited about innovation and 
creating businesses and things like that. So it is a chance to take advantage of all those opportunities.

USA is the hot spot for startups what would your suggestion be for the 
entrepreneurs all around the world?
Howard Tullman: Certainly we are working with Sente and we are also working with groups in London, Isral, Mexico City and Toronto. 
I think all the entrepreneurs all around the world are starting to understand that it makes a lot of sense to find the environment where 
you can be surrounded by other people doing the same thing. It is very lonely in some ways to be an entrepreneur so we have other people
 doing similar things you learn from them support them and they support you in a variety of ways it is a very exciting environment.
 So we are seeing more and more incubators not in the size and scale of 1871 but in mostly other countries that we are in touch with there
 are entrepreneurial activities going on.

This is the 4th Turkish Cohort in 1871, What is your observation of them?
Howard Tullman: So far we had a lot of success and have been very excited that the folks who’d come. I think it’s worked out very well 
I think some of the cohorts connected with US businesses with customers here which was a big part of it. And Serhat has been great about
 integrating and creating opportunities for all the entrepreneurs who come to work here. So we have been very happy. 
I think it has worked out very well.

Art & Technology live together in 1871 space. What is their intersection point?
Howard Tullman:  I think that digital technologies can be very sterile if they’re just all in the computer so surrounding the place with a lot of art 
was important to let people see that there are other ways to make excellent things and that you can be passionate about physical things as well as 
digital things and so we wanted to have 1871 also be a beautiful place in addition to everything else that what was going on. So that’s really
what’s was going on. Art is just as inspirational as technology can be and we wanted to have both of those sort of ideas have a home here.

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