Code Fellows, the Seattle-based digital trade school, announced Tuesday that it is coming to Chicago and setting up shop in 1871.
Code Fellows offers an eight-week Full-Stack JavaScript Development Accelerator course aimed at teaching programmers who have roughly 2 years of web development experience how to advance their careers. The idea is to help web developers land jobs with some of Chicago's best tech companies.
“The Development Accelerator in Chicago is a unique opportunity for experienced JavaScript developers to get the advanced training they need to further their careers and establish the inroads to new job opportunities with area tech companies,” Will Little, Co-Founder and CTO of Code Fellows said in a statement. “We’re helping students level-up their skills and prepare to excel within high-quality engineering teams. This not only means teaching the technical skills, but also the product, business, and professional skills that are required to succeed in today’s tech companies.”
Fellows re-located from Seattle to Chicago to oversee Code Fellow's Midwest expansion. Code Fellows launched in Seattle in January 2013, and expanded in Portland in September of last year. It has graduated 340 software engineers from its accelerator program.
“Chicago is home to some of the most well-known technology companies like Groupon, Orbitz and – but it continues to expand and develop, yielding new, lucrative career opportunities to top programming talent,” added Kristin Smith, CEO of Code Fellows. “We hope to play a pivotal role in Chicago’s technology community by fostering the critical development of the area’s brightest programming minds, and helping the city’s most innovative companies connect with them.”
Graduates are guaranteed a job offer within 9 months of completing the course, the organization says, or students are refunded their tuition. Tuition costs $10,000.
The first course will take place May 11 – July 3.
Screengrab via Code Fellows