Wednesday, July 23, 2014

If You Want to Learn About Creating Great Company Culture, Come to Ethos 3.0

If You Want to Learn About Creating Great Company Culture, Come to Ethos 3.0


When attempting to build a great company culture, it’s important to recognize that the work environment – the actual space in which people perform (or, at least, attempt to perform) their  jobs – can have a significant effect on the success or failure of creating that culture. Max Chopovsky is cognizant of these effects and he wants to help companies in Chicago learn about this relationship between culture and environment, as well as help provide them with the resources to create that environment. On Thursday, July 31st, Chicago Creative Space – founded by Chopovsky – will hold Ethos 3.0, an event dedicated to doing precisely that: to educate the community on the importance of workspace on company culture.
“[Ethos 3.0] will highlight the companies that are doing innovative things to their environments…to paint stories for what their company cultures are like,” said Chopovsky. “It’s for anybody that wants to understand how to create a great environment and a great company culture, and how to hire the best talent to support that culture.”
Chicago Creative Space is an online video community that features comprehensive, inside tours of Chicago’s most innovative work spaces. The organization serves as a resource for companies to help them build their culture and space. Ethos 3.0 is aimed at highlighting these various work spaces, as well as spotlighting each of the companies that have leveraged these spaces to create strong company cultures, including 1871, Coyote Logistics, and Leo Burnett.
At Ethos, a panel of prominent Chicago entrepreneurs (from the likes of Sprout Social founder and CEO, Justyn Howard, and SteelBrick/G2 Crowd CEO Godard Abel) will discuss the relationship between work space, creativity, and company culture. The event is also offering a 20-person workshop with 1871 CEO Howard Tullman, who will help participants learn the fundamental strategies for creating a strong company culture.
“There’s a symbiotic relationship between company culture and the workplace: the workplace supports the culture and the culture supports the workplace. But, also, the culture comes from the people, and the workplace is a platform for supporting the people that enable that culture…the work space supports the culture and amplifies the culture.”
According to Chopovsky, the culture of a company is very much a result as well as the cause of the physical work environment. If you create an open, innovative space for your people, then you create a culture that is more conducive to open collaboration; if your company relies on open collaboration, then you need to create a space that allows for such collaboration to take place. “You have to understand who your employees are, and provide them with the kind of environment to help support them to do that work.” For many companies in the tech space in Chicago, the open office layouts highlighted through Chicago Creative Space’s video series serve as ideal models for those cultures.
At Chicago Creative Spaces’s Ethos 3.0, attendees will get the opportunity to connect with other business leaders, entrepreneurs, creatives, engineers, and freelancers, to talk about the ways through which great company culture could be created or replicated, and how that plays into the overall Chicago tech and creative community.
Tickets to the event are available now for $45 (subject to increase on the day-of), while tickets for the culture workshop with Howard Tullman are available separately for $150.

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