Thursday, January 09, 2014

Quick Update from Howard
January 8, 2014
Dear Members:

I’m pleased to report that in addition to surviving several of the worst Chicago weather days in my lifetime, I have also survived my first few days at 1871 in my new role as CEO. Though I haven’t seen many of your smiling faces so far this week, I’m sure we’ll all be coming out from under the covers as the temps warm into the high 20s over the next few days!! 

I couldn’t be more excited about our upcoming 1871 “alumni” recognition press event on the 14th from 9-10am. We’ll showcase 25 of our graduate companies and highlight their growth and progress to date. It should be a great time (the Governor will be joining us as well), so please come over to the auditorium to show your support for your fellow community members.

As I move forward in this new role, one of my immediate goals is to attract and add some additional talent to our operating team at 1871. I’m very excited to let you know that we have made our first new hire – our Chief Operating Officer – and the good news – especially given the weather – is that the trip from his old position to 1871 is just a few short blocks from City Hall.

Tom Alexander, the Mayor’s Deputy Director of Communications, will be joining us at 1871 at the beginning of February. Tom has extensive experience in communications at the city, county, state and federal levels as well as in the private sector (U of C) and he’s been an active participant in the Mayor’s and the City’s very supportive dealings with 1871 since its inception. In addition, he has been one of the City’s primary point persons for high-level corporate relations and job creation initiatives that are absolutely central to our mission at 1871. And finally, he has a particular interest in broadening the reach and diversity of our offerings at 1871 as well as the diversity of our member population.

I think that Tom will be an important contributor to 1871’s continued growth and success. I’m very excited about this appointment, and I hope you are too. Here’s to great things ahead!



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