Sunday, January 12, 2014


Rosie the riveter . . .

The state has a new first dog.

Her name is Rosie, and she just had her coming out office party.

◆ Translation: Gov. Pat Quinn, who has been minus a pet pooch since his terrier Bailey died in 2011 — has adopted another terrier mix he’s christened Rosie.

“I named her Rosie because I like two syllables,” he said. “It seems to get their attention.

“Of course, she likes to bark, and I’m hoping that will get [Illinois House Speaker] Mike Madigan’s attention,” chuckled Quinn, who introduced Sneed to Rosie at his Chicago office Friday.

Armed with kibbles and sitting next to a bag of a paw friendly ice melt, Quinn waxed poetic about his new terrier mix and how he rescued her.

“Rosie was homeless, and I found her at the PAWS shelter last August when we signed a new law to help ensure all dogs in Illinois are treated humanely,” he said. “She was pretty skinny and needed lots of love, so I adopted her last September,” said Quinn, whose cheeks were being slathered shiny during the interview.

“I joke Rosie is a distant cousin of Bailey, who was very fond of table scraps and was always found loitering in the kitchen at the [Governor’s] Mansion in Springfield,” he said.

“Rosie will not be eating table scraps, but she has yet to visit the mansion either.”

Quinn admitted the dog is basically being raised by friends and family, who take turns on a Rosie patrol.
“It takes a village to raise Rosie,” he said.

“I missed having a dog, but I also wanted to raise awareness about the importance of animal rescue and the adoption of dogs and cats who need loving homes.

“Watch for us to propose an animal welfare bill soon and a full-fledged campaign to raise awareness for pet adoption,” he said. “And I can’t praise State Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka enough for what she does in this area.”

There’s no shortage of pets to be adopted: In 2012, more than 22,000 cats and dogs housed in shelters in Illinois were euthanized, according to data collected by animal advocates.

As Rosie scampered onto the next lap, Quinn said, “You know, they bring a bit of magic into your life.”

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