Sunday, November 24, 2013


To the CEC Board and Team…

               I just want to briefly join in Jim and Bryant’s comments (now that my phone has slowed down a bit and the 300 emails have been dealt with) to say how grateful I am for this opportunity and how excited I am about the prospects of working successfully with all of you and the terrific staff and all of the sponsors/supporters (and the City and State as well) whom have come together to accomplish so much and to take 1871 so far already. I hope that we can keep building aggressively on the great progress that has been made to date.

I also want to thank many of you for your personal notes and kind words of congratulations and good wishes. Jim and Bryant have been amazing leaders for this entire effort and they have been great to me already in guiding me through the interview and evaluation process. I think we have a very clear and shared view of how CEC and 1871 can both continue to move forward in these electric times to further the cause of entrepreneurship throughout our great city and state. The entire search committee (as luck would have it) were both friends and business acquaintances and that made the process feel so much more like a family affair than an inquisition and it set things off in a very supportive and positive direction.

I too want to commend Kevin on his very hard work and impressive results in bringing 1871 to this point – I can honestly say that we’ve been regularly connected and speaking about this adventure since before it even began. He’s been a great friend and supporter of our efforts over these last several years as well and the entire City and all the members and beneficiaries of 1871 owe him our thanks. 

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