Friday, June 07, 2013

Lessons On How To Run A More Profitable Business...From Two $100 Million Plus Business Founders!

On Tuesday, July 23 Barry Spencer and Scott Noble are hosting entrepreneurs for a business building event experience in Chicago with Robert Jordan and Howard Tullman. It's an exclusive gathering to learn priceless business building ideas that work.

Barry Spencer and Scott Noble, nationally recognized entrepreneurs, authors, financial educators, consultants to charities, and speakers are hosting entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives with two high-powered business founders - Robert Jordan and Howard Tullman.
In this up close and personal private gathering attendees will learn business building secrets from two entrepreneurs who have built businesses from scratch and sold them for over $100 million.
Howard Tullman founded CCC Information Services, Inc., which was twice ranked on Inc. Magazine 100 List and first in profitability among all the companies. He sold CCC in 1987 for $100 million.
Tullman also launched music sites:;; and, which sold for $136 million. He has also led a major turnaround of Kendall College and has created over 6,000 jobs.
Robert Jordan is an Inc. 500 CEO, and founder of Online Access, the first internet-coverage business magazine in the world. He launched RedFlash, an interim management team and interimCEO/interimCFO, which is the largest worldwide network of interim executives.
Jordan is also author of, How They Did It: Billion Dollar Insights from the Heart of America. The book includes the stories of 45 mid-west individuals who built a business from scratch and sold for over $100 million.
Guests of Barry Spencer and Scott Noble will learn the secrets of how Howard Tullman and Robert Jordan have created $100 million businesses, as well as lessons learned from the 45 entrepreneurs Jordan interviewed who collectively created an average of $900 million in business value. Tullman will also be presenting on the impact media is playing and will play for business growth.
Previous attendees of similar events hosted by Barry Spencer and Scott Noble raved about the experience and the business growth ideas they were able to immediately implement.
Tim, a serial entrepreneur in Chicago said, "Rarely can you get in a room with people who have made hundreds of millions of dollars.  I come to this event because I need to be around other accomplished people."
Jeff, an entrepreneur in Atlanta said, "It's hard to put a price tag on it. It's not easy to make this kind of thing happen. But you absolutely got to do it, because you walk away saying, "I'm glad I didn't miss it!"
Mikkel, a serial entrepreneur in Fort Lauderdale said, "It's such a great opportunity to learn first hand on what worked and what didn't work. Insights from leaders who have done it. To gather success and to keep learning is priceless."
This is a powerful event for any business leader looking for insights for growing their business to the next level whether it is a million, ten million, one hundred million or maybe even a billion.
Barry Spencer and Scott Noble are the creators of The Wealth With No Regrets® Process, founders of Boomfish Press and Motivate Generosity, and consultants to charities about their Planned Giving initiative through The Donor Motivation Program.
For more information, please visit,
For information about this event contact, Tammy, 678-278-9632 or email Tammy(at)WealthWithNoRegrets(dot)com.
About Barry Spencer: Barry Spencer is a nationally recognized author, financial educator and speaker whom you may have heard on radio, including WAFS biz1190. Spencer's latest book The Secret of Enduring Wealth, and he is the co-author of Wealth: From Roots of Regrets to Routes of No Regrets, and How To Enjoy A Life Generosity. His published articles include: When Wealth Is More Than Money, When Generosity Matters To The Family and The Two Essentials that Count Beyond Death and Taxes. Barry lives with his wife, Lori, and their two children Hudson and Avery Kate in Alpharetta, GA.
About Scott Noble: Scott Noble, CPA, PFS, is a nationally recognized speaker, Continuing Education Instructor, member of the Laureate Center for Wealth Advisors and financial educator who speaks to peers in the financial industry. He is the co-author of Wealth: From Roots of Regrets to Routes of No Regrets, and How To Enjoy A Life Generosity. Scott and his wife, Denise, live in Alpharetta with their three daughters Andie, Leah, and Hannah.

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