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Tribeca Flashpoint co-founder to slide into chairman's seat

Howard Tullman, founder, Tribeca Flashpoint Academy 30, 2013

Serial entrepreneur Howard Tullman has relinquished his role as chief executive officer for Tribeca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy, the Chicago-based private school he helped start in 2007.

He is replaced by Todd Steele, who co-founded Career Education Corp. and helped build the school's international divisions. Mr. Steele left Career Education in 2008 and has most recently been working as a consultant.

"I am thrilled to lead the next phase of expansion and development for this game-changing school," Steele said in a statement.

Mr. Tullman will become chairman of the school, which in 2010 added actor Robert De Niro as an investor. He will focus on expanding the school's business partnerships.

Mr. Tullman was not available for immediate comment.

The school, which has about 600 students in its two-year film and gaming degree programs, is planning on aggressive expansion. It added 65,000 square feet last year in anticipation of enrollment doubling.


I'm pleased to announce an important and exciting change for the Academy. The Board of Directors and I have determined that, in view of the challenges which we  have ahead of us as well as the new areas we want to expand into and the amazing incremental growth opportunities which our recent Title 4 achievement has created for us, we definitely need to expand and deepen our senior management team.

I am going to move up to Chairman of the Board and we will be bringing in a very talented and seasoned education executive, Todd Steele, to be the new CEO. We have known Todd for several years and many of you also already know and have had a chance to work with him as well and he already has considerable experience with Tribeca Flashpoint Academy since he has been a member of the Board since we concluded our deal with Sterling Partners more than a year ago and has worked on some of our new online curriculum initiatives. The Sterling people are also very excited about and supportive of this change.

I'm looking forward to working closely with Todd as the college continues to expand. I am also excited about continuing to explore new technologies for the school; working with our many business partners to expand our arrangements with them; developing some new business opportunities which I am particularly interested in; and, most importantly, to keep working to promote and publicize our college and our mission of educating the best and brightest digital media arts graduates and preparing them for great jobs and bright futures.

Of course, I will also continue my writing, teaching and speaking engagements so you can expect to continue to hear from me just as regularly as you have in the past. I'll also be available to help on special projects, share my thoughts with you on whatever and to answer any questions you may have about anything that comes up as we move forward.

I look at these changes as another chapter in our continuing story and a chance to expand our team and keep moving our school forward. I hope you'll all join me in welcoming Todd and providing him the same kind of help, hard work, commitment and passion that you have shared with me for the last few years and which were such an important part of our successes so far. Together, today, we move forward. 

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