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Howard A. Tullman is president & CEO of Tribeca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy. He is the Managing Partner for Chicago High Tech Investors, a member of Mayor Emanuel’s Chicago NEXT and Cultural Affairs Councils and Governor Quinn’s Illinois Innovation and Arts Councils, an adjunct professor at the Kellogg Graduate School of Management and an advisor to many start-ups. Over the last 40 years, he has founded more than a dozen high-tech companies. @tullman

The Only Question That Matters

What happens when a would-be customer knows all about your product, but isn't using it?  Read story

Just One Thing Is More Important Than Talent

Venture capitalist and serial entrepreneur Howard Tullman explains the characteristic that is most persuasive when you pitch your business.  Watch video

Slow Down. It Might Save Your Business.

That adrenaline rush feels great. It doesn't necessarily lead to great decisions.  Read story

Why Originality is Overrated

You want the shortest path from pitch to sale. Being original is going to send you on a detour.  Read story

Does Your Brand Matter?

In an environment where Words With Friends can unseat Scrabble, when does it make sense to invest in your brand?  Read story

The 3 Biggest Lies We Tell Ourselves

Some misconceptions are so big, and so damaging, that we need to repeatedly remind ourselves that they're not true. Such as these.  Read story

Why "Simple" is Getting Harder

It's easy to put together the front end of a website and mock up the back end. That's bad for anyone building a serious business that solves tough problems.  Read story

Our Manufacturing Troubles are Cultural, not Economic

It's not just that shipping is expensive and labor costs are rising. The move away from 'things' is much more basic.  Read story

Communication: Why the Story Is Everything

The days of the sage on the stage are over. So what's the best way to get your point across?  Read story

Secret of a Truly Game-Changing Entrepreneur

What makes a technology business sustainable in the long run? It may not be what you think.  Watch video

The Only 2 Words an Innovator Needs to Know

These two concepts govern the entire process of innovation. Understand the differences between them, and you'll be well on your way to success.  Read story

The Trouble With Social Media

We all know that quantity, not quality, rules social media. But we don't think about what, exactly, that means.  Read story

5 Steps to Navigating Your Toughest Prospects

Why pitching to a big company is different -- and how to do it well.  Read story

An Investor's Guide to Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs aren't like other people you've negotiated with. A field guide to a unique personality.  Read story

Think Your Investors are Being Difficult? Read This.

Understanding your investors' perspectives can make it much easier--and more lucrative--to run a business together.  Read story

3 Lies That May Bring Down Our Economy

From education to housing, it's time to call B.S. on the widely-cited myths that have the power to take down our next generation.  Read story

A Better Way To Do a Deal

Before they even start to negotiate, entrepreneurs and investors often start off on the wrong track. How to better understand the person across the table.  Read story

Why Gen Y Doesn't Care About Cars

Generation Y's indifference to the automobile is going to affect millions of businesses.  Read story

With This Much "Help," You'll Never Get Anything Done

Sometimes, your people need to hurry up and wait.  Read story

When Enough Is Enough

Everyone thinks the captain should go down with his or her ship. But is that really the best attitude for someone running a young company?  Read story

The Curse of Microsoft Excel

You may have a pretty spreadsheet, but that doesn't mean you've thought out your finances or your business  Read story

Why the Manti Te'o Train Wreck is Good for Entrepreneurs

The Manti T'eo scandal could provide just the push the Web needs to get real.  Read story

Why Facebook Graph Search Is Huge for Start-ups

Rather than using filters to sabotage search results, Facebook lets you use them to find exactly what--or who--you need  Read story

Why We Need More Small Ideas

Big ideas get a lot of press. But there are plenty of small ideas waiting to be big businesses.  Read story

Why Data Is the Oil of the Digital Age

In the most competitive markets, the winners will be those with the most, and most accurate, data.  Read story

Saving Your Way to Success: Why You Can't Do It

It's hard to invest when the economy is poor. But that's exactly when you need to do it.  Read story

Where Social Media Will Take Us in 2013

These four trends show just has fast technology and social media are evolving -- and how you need to respond.  Read story

Why "Whatever" Will Sink Your Business

It's easy for staffers and loyal customers at a start-up to get burned out. How to keep the focus on the right things.  Read story

3 Ways To Keep Your Best Customers

You've got three ways to keep your best customers on board. Here's how to manage each.  Read story

Are Your Customers Ready to Bolt?

Which customers tend to stick around, and which are getting ready to leave? Here's how to tell.  Read story

How to Keep Your Customers by Thinking Ahead of Them

At certain predictable points, customers start thinking about leaving you for someone else. How to find those points and intervene.  Read story

Why "Old Doors" Are Your Best Sales Prospects

Don't work so hard at getting brand new customers, and stop worrying about customers who leave. Do this instead.  Read story

The Easiest, Most Cost-Effective Way to New Profits

Winning new customers is all well and good, but there's a much better way to increase your company's profitability.  Read story

How 'Mocial' Selling Will Transform Your Business

How the world of 'mocial' will up-end your competition and make a race to the bottom, already toxic, even more foolhardy.  Read story

Innovation in Education is Here. We're Ignoring It.

For profit-colleges are taking a beating. Don't let that distract you from the real innovation taking place.  Read story

The Big Deal About Facebook Gifts

It's not about the flowers. It's about the data. How Facebook is taking over the world of social commerce.  Read story

Are Your Values Costing You Too Much?

Big companies can afford big, broad, vague values. You can't. Here's how to pick values that will help your company grow.  Read story

How To Beat Copycats

There's only one way to beat the copycats, discounters and big companies trying to make money from your idea. And it's brutal.  Read story

6 Rules for Deal-Making

Partnerships, endorsements, or other deals can make or break your company. Here's how to strike good ones.  Read story

3 Employees You Need To Fire. Now

You know the saying: Hire slow, fire fast. Here are the people you need to get rid of, right now.  Read story

How to Make Room for People

Hanging on to your great hires is just as important as getting them onboard in the first place. Here's how.  Read story

How to Make Smart Hires, Even if You're CEO

CEOs are generally the worst people to do their company's hiring. But most entrepreneurs want to do this themselves. Here's how.  Read story

Why the Chicago Teachers' Strike Will Help Education Entrepreneurs

The Chicago teachers' strike is going to make new education technologies look much more attractive  Read story

Is Your Business Plan a Roadmap or a Roadblock?

That business plan you worked so hard on? It's downright dangerous.  Read story

Who Said Failure was Fashionable? Frankly, It Sucks.

There's a world of difference between failing and simply making mistakes. It's critical for entrepreneurs to know the difference.  Read story

Great Entrepreneurs Do These 3 Things

Columnist Howard Tullman has started more than a dozen tech companies. Here are the three things he says separate the winners from the losers.  Read story

Dear Entrepreneurs: Have a Dream & Make It a Big One

...and more advice from seasoned entrepreneur and investor Howard Tullman. If you want to start a business, check out these seven tips.  Read story

VCs' Nastiest Interview Trick

Most of the entrepreneurs I meet will walk right into this one. Here's how to be prepared.  Read story

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