Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Shia Kapos: Six degrees of Howard Tullman

Six degrees of Howard Tullman

Howard Tullman, the CEO of the 1871 entrepreneurial center, is traveling with Mayor Rahm Emanuel in Europe this week.
They’re promoting Chicago and its tech scene.
Tullman’s a natural traveling partner as he has connections wherever he goes.
The Chicago businessman dished on some of them at a recent fundraising event for the Illinois Institute of Technology.
Tullman, who was the honoree, dropped one notable name after the other during his speech.
He and restaurateur Larry Levy years ago sold sandwiches to dorm students while they attended Northwestern University. And Tullman played tennis under the Fullerton El stop with Valor Equity Partners exec Vic Morgenstern.
Howard Tullman. Provided photo.
Tullman was an early investor in J.B. Pritzker’s first venture fund, and the Chicago businessman remembers Bruce Rauner as “the most junior associate” at what became GTCR. That’s the private equity firm that invested in CCC Information Services, which Tullman founded.
Rauner, of course, is now governor and Pritzker wants to unseat him.
Tullman dropped celebrity names at the IIT event, too, including “Shark Tank” star investors Mark Cuban and Daymond John; and American Online co-founder Steve Case.
And what about his friend Emanuel?
“Don’t even get me started,” Tullman told the crowd.

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