Monday, May 15, 2017

Magic at the Dyett High School Eagle Entrepreneurs Class

CHICAGO -- These photos don't do justice to the work and passion of Howard Tullman. Here are a few shots of Howard teaching his new class on entrepreneurship, which is predicated on his book The Perspiration Principles (via the support of 1871 Chicago).
Howard brought in some old comic books for the kids to flip through before class started. 

He starts his class by bringing all the kids back to his days as a magician, which I think was his first business. This week the class split up in groups and pitched ideas for a food delivery start-up, and worked with a designer to create a company logo. The kids enjoyed their pitch time and they were helpful in guiding each other to better developing their business plans, budgets and pitching skills.
At the end of my trip to Chicago, I listened to Howard on campus at Northwestern present to students about the keys to being a successful entrepreneur.
If you are intrigued by tech, art, start-ups and love being around brilliant, motivated, genuine people, please stop by 1871 Chicago for a tour. If you're lucky, you'll catch Howard buzzing by you at least a few times. If you can't get there, you can always get The Perspiration Principles online via Amazon.

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