Saturday, August 06, 2016


KELLOGG wins NET IMPACT AWARD for social impact against a field of 250 schools. 

The Net Impact Club/Kellogg Corps "represents students who want to make a difference in various ways: through internships or full-time careers, through social innovation in the corporate world or through volunteering, consulting or mentorship,” said Shar Jaidev ‘16, Kellogg’s outgoing Net Impact VP of Careers. “Kellogg students care deeply about social issues at home and abroad, and it's been amazing to see how much student engagement in social impact has grown and how students take what they get at Kellogg and apply it to the real world.” 

Kellogg students making a real difference in the world; the core focus of Kellogg Corps which was started 20 years ago by Jim O'Connor, CEC Board Chair, and others. ‪#‎KelloggCorps‬

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