Tuesday, April 05, 2016

1871 CEO Howard Tullman on Tasty Trade - What I'm Thinking

In the digital advertising space, boosting the effectiveness of ads is priority number 1. This is where behavioral targeting comes in; companies will track customers' online visits and cater their ads accordingly. Behavioral targeting is by no means a new concept, but with "content aggregation" continuing to evolve on platforms like Facebook, Reddit and more, behavioral targeting has certainly transformed what we know about how people shop, share information and use apps. Tune in to "What I'm Thinking" as Howard Tullman, Tom Sosnoff and Tony Battista expand on the death of organic traffic and the "homepage." Plus, find out why "friction" is the buzzword that is changing the way we deal with a generation that needs "instant gratification."

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Howard Tullman, CEO of renowned startup hub, “1871” and visionary, lecturer, educator, writer, art collector, brings his unique view of the business world to the tasty trade audience. Watch and listen to “What I’m Thinking” and find out what’s next in today’s world.

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