Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Twitter turns 10: Chicago tech leaders' first tweets

Twitter turns 10: Chicago tech leaders' first tweets

Monday marks 10 years since Twitter founder Jack Dorsey sent his first tweet out into the universe. There wasn’t much of an audience to receive it back then, but oh, what a decade can do.
Twitter now boasts 305 million active monthly users — some more influential than others — and many of the site’s earliest adopters were sending their first tweets from Chicago.
Take a look at the first tweets sent out by some of the folks in Chicago’s tech scene. Note how simple they are — no links, no plugs, mainly just thoughts and greetings, some reminiscent of MySpace status updates.
Some of these people went on to build careers around social media, such as Katy Lynch ⇒, or grow their follower base into the tens of thousands, like Harper Reed ⇒. But most kept the same handle on Twitter, sending out their first tentative tweets to a rapidly growing audience.

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