Monday, February 02, 2015

Plum Market launches product sales on WeDeliver's Locally app

Plum Market launches product sales on WeDeliver's Locally app

Specialty grocery store Plum Market, located at 1233 North Wells St., has launched a storefront on the free app.
Locally enables local businesses to sell products via its mobile app and deliver them on the same day. Through Plum Market’s Locally storefront, users can select from more than 350 items including baked goods, wine, produce and skincare items for purchase and delivery.
WeDeliver co-founder and CEO Jimmy Odom said his company has offered delivery services to Plum Market customers since his company launched in 2013.
Prior to signing on for Locally’s free storefront service, Plum Market took delivery orders by phone. Now the grocer can accept payments digitally and schedule deliveries right away.
“For Locally, this is that first grocery partner that has made a commitment of enabling near-full inventory lists, the same offering you’d get walking into the store you’ll have the opportunity to experience that in a digital means,” Odom said.
Odom said other merchants using the Locally platform, such as The Goddess and Grocer and Plenty Grocery and Deli, do not offer all the items they sell in-store via the app.
Odom said he is excited to offer grocery delivery but that Locally’s goal is to give local merchants an easy way to sell and schedule deliveries digitally.
“Grocery partners are a part of that and there’s so many more we have not even begun to explore,” Odom said.
For Plum Market, choosing to sell through Locally is a response to customer demand.
“We have seen strong growth in demand for grocery delivery options, so adding an additional option based on the WeDeliver platform, a service which we’ve been using successfully for some time, was a no-brainer,” said Plum Market marketing coordinator Todd Belden in an email to Blue Sky. “We are thrilled to partner with the Chicago-based Locally and offer this service to Plum Market guests and people all around the city.”
Locally merchant partners can list their products for free on the iOS app. Odom said his company charges for delivery and makes a small commission on purchases made through the app.

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