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1871 profile on The Muse allows member companies to advertise available jobs, highlights Chicago’s vibrant work environment and connects top talent to new opportunities

CHICAGO, IL (October ##, 2014)—1871 announced today the launch of its profile on The Muse, an online job board that provides a behind-the-scenes look at companies and their employees. Job searchers on the website will be given an in-depth look on what it is like to work out of 1871, and 1871 members will be able to use the 1871 Muse profile to post individual job listings and recruit talented employees. Generally The Muse is only available to individual companies, but through a special agreement, access to The Muse is available to all 1871 members.

“The primary focus of 1871 is about attracting and retaining top talent, and facilitating that talent’s development in Chicago,” said 1871 CEO Howard A. Tullman. “The launch of our profile on The Muse is directly in line with that objective. 1871’s presence on The Muse allows employees in Chicago and around the country to see the vibrant work environment in 1871 and Chicago, and provides yet another hiring resource for 1871 members as they grow their companies.”

The Muse is a web-based job board that connects jobseekers with employment opportunities. 40,000 Chicago professionals and jobseekers in the last month have used The Muse to find new employment opportunities, and The Muse as a whole serves 1.5 million unique users each month. Muse jobseekers have a variety of experience levels and professional backgrounds, and 95% of the users are college educated. 1871 members seeking to expand their teams will be able to post specific jobs and reach a large network of qualified applicants.

"As we expand in the Chicago metro area, we couldn't be more excited to partner with 1871, a leading global incubator for growing companies. 1871's community is made up of exactly the sort of brilliant, up-and-coming startups that The Muse's users are excited to work at, and we're looking forward to making this partnership a success," said Kathryn Minshew, CEO and cofounder of The Muse.

1871’s profile on The Muse offers 1871 members a chance to access a diverse pool of potential employees. As a recruitment tool, The Muse stands apart from traditional job boards because it allows businesses to realistically showcase their company cultures through interactive visual displays, rather than simply confining them to a 500-word text description. 1871’s Muse profile ensures that all of its member companies have the opportunity to showcase the unique experiences that potential employees would gain by joining their startups.

1871’s profile on The Muse adds another significant asset to the set of resources that 1871 provides to its members to help develop their businesses. Earlier this year, 1871 announced the hiring of its own in-house recruiter, who works directly with members to identify and recruit top talent for positions within their startups. To date, six employees have been placed at 1871 startups in a span of just two months

About 1871
1871 is an entrepreneurial hub for digital startups. Located in The Merchandise Mart, the 75,000-square-foot facility provides Chicago startups with programming, access to mentors, educational resources, potential investors and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs that help them on their path to building successful businesses. Recently ranked 9th in the world in the 2014 UBI Index list of top university-associated business incubators, 1871 has become a global leader in the entrepreneurial community. 1871 is the flagship project of the Chicagoland Entrepreneurial Center.

About The Muse

The Muse is a web-based job board that connects jobseekers with employment opportunities.  Originally founded as “Company Muse” by Kathryn Minshew, Alex Cavoulacos and Melissa McCreery in February 2012, the site provides multimedia profiles of employers, including behind-the-scenes videos of company headquarters and interviews with employees. Through its affiliated publication, The Daily Muse, the company aggregates articles and other resources for employers and employees to utilize during the recruitment process.

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