Monday, September 22, 2014

Tullman on Company Culture


Tullman on Company Culture

by Howard Tullman

Howard Tullman has been a serial entrepreneur and investor for over 50 years.  He’s written over 100 blog posts on business called “The Perspiration Principles”, this book containing his best 12 articles on Company Culture.  Tullman goes deep in detail on a variety of sub-topics such as ethics, pitching your company, making room for people, your own values, and more.
Tullman simplifies concepts by telling stories like “What I Learned From My Waitress” and “Why Rabbits Don’t Run Big Businesses”.  Instead of throwing around technical terminology on how to run a business, Tullman uses easy-to-understand metaphors such as “Stick to Your Knitting” that all levels of entrepreneurs can relate to.
Howard Tullman’s experienced advice has stood the test of time: the topics covered in this book are sure to be referenced for years to come.

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