But the 1871 CEO was recently profiled by another organization that's typically not associated with the startup scene: Porsche.

The luxury German automaker has a YouTube playlist called, "There is No Substitute: A Video Series Profiling Entrepreneurs and CEOs." So far Porsche has six video profiles, including one on Trunk Club CEO Brian Spaly.
From the YouTube profile on Tullman:
In this video, we profile Howard Tullman, CEO of 1871, on how excellence impacts every single decision you make in your business. 
Every successful business leader has his or her own unique set of principles that they have refused to compromise on their path to success. And every up-and-coming business professional recognizes the importance of learning from those who have made it to the top before them.
Similarly, there are certain principles when it comes to Porsche for which there is no substitute -- design, innovation, quality, excellence. By always staying true to these principles, and absolutely refusing to justify short-cuts or compromises, Porsche has never wavered from its standing as being the world's greatest sports car company.
It's nice to see a world-renowned brand recognizing the work of two Chicago entrepreneurs. But the Tullman/Porsche partnership is a tad ironic given Tullman's comments two years ago to the New York Times when he criticized GM for focusing on luxury vehicles when younger generations are looking for more fuel-efficient and less expensive cars.
“When I see G.M. doubling up on luxury cars due to their profit model, I can’t help but think they’re missing the boat again,” he said.
Nevertheless, a worldwide spotlight on Chicago tech is always a good thing. It'll be interesting to see how Porsche distributes the video and if it plans to add any more Chicago business leaders to the series.