Tuesday, August 13, 2013

“THE TOP TEN TULLMAN NUGGETS” Thanks to Rick Harig of Legacy Resources


                                             THE BEST OF TULLMAN 

A call to Re-invention. “Go out and re-invent yourself: go at risk, take a leap, and find what you’re made to do!” With the right insight and skill set, there’s an opportunity for each of us and our adult children.” 

“We are what we’re interested in. And, we’re broadcasting it to the world.” As a result, hyper-personalization of marketing messages is already happening. 

“Tablets and, particularly, mobile phones will be the dominant platform for everything. They are our access points to the world and are becoming the way we find and are found, and how we pay for things. 

“Integrated solutions such as how Ticketmaster uses Facebook are already happening. More companies will embed themselves within Facebook! Facebook may indeed have a future. 

“In the new ecosystem of the internet, context trumps content. Now, status, proximity, relevance, and App-enabled access are coming to mean more than the content itself.” 

"It is NEVER the first idea, or the first beta test, or even the first product that leads to the big win in any entrepreneurial success story.” So, if you’re on the wrong path, fail fast, and recover quickly, to get to what really works ASAP. 

“The Fast eat the Slow--It’s no longer simply that the Big eat the Small.” Slowly, rapid and efficient is more important than the corporate brand. 

“Amazon knows its audience’s buying habits and preferences. Their pop-up recommendations account for 30% of their annual sales volume of $6B!” 

“Facebook is mass customizing messages to its users’ profiles. Apple’s I-Tunes credit card accounts number 575 million. They have a file on just about everyone… Algorithms find our data and then, find and target us. 

10. Customized pricing of products and services are happening in real time based on our customer profile. As upscale clients, Mac Users, were charged more by Orbitz. 

                   Your Thoughts About What You Heard 

I feel old. I am getting rid of my Smartphone and moving to a dumb phone—The tongue-in-cheek response of one stunned by the implications of Tullman’s talk. 

Don't for a minute believe that your comments to close friends via social media are just between the two of you. You are being watched continually -and by far more than just those you have identified as "friends"! 

Those who gather and filter information on consumer habits and preferences enable businesses to target their advertising dollars like never before. 

Google cannot begin to do for marketers what Facebook can. It’s a new world. 

Target and Amazon know certain things about your friends and family members you never will. 

Tribeca Flashpoint Academy’s approach to education redefines apprenticeship and provides new hope for those seeking jobs in digital media. 

L’Oreal has 400 people worldwide artfully placing teasers for their products on social media--Work is changing; it will never be the same. 

Great books combined with Tullman pragmatics could make for an interesting curriculum—something for the soul and something for a generation seeking employment in a Tech hungry world. 

As mature citizens we must adapt to the new technologies or risk losing connections with a large segment of the population. 

10) A business focused on the proactive protection of personal data and identity security would be interesting. We are walking around as an open book. 

Rick Harig, CFP® 
Financial Planner and Legacy Strategist™ 

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