Sunday, July 07, 2013

Volume IV of The Perspiration Principle is Ready for Press


Sitting down every week to write something that will be meaningful and ideally of lasting value to others is a lot like setting out to start a new business. Sometimes there’s a germ of an idea; sometimes it’s an emotional reaction or other driver; or perhaps a problem that just needs to be addressed. And sometimes you simply want to see things change and no one else is stepping up to the plate to make that happen.

You can’t know how hard, long or costly (in many ways) the journey will be and there are no guarantees that anything good will ever come of your efforts, but you know for certain that nothing will ever happen if you don’t get the process started and try. It’s a lonely path and every  bit of encouragement, assistance and support that you find along the way makes the job a little easier and slightly more likely to succeed.

I hope that these books will be my modest contribution to your success and to the well-worn and tattered bag of hopes and dreams we call entrepreneurship.

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